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Christmas ornaments on a Christmas tree

Valerie Rice: My History At Alisal Ranch

The holiday spirit was in the air at Alisal Ranch this month as celebrated interior designer and author, Nathan Turner, hosted his California Country Holiday workshop from December 3 through 5. In case you missed it, we shared some of his favorite recipes for your holiday gatherings last week. Watch this Instagram story of Nathan Turner getting Alisal Ranch ready for his workshop as he transforms the Sycamore Room into a holiday haven.

Nathan Turner making a speech as people sit and listen

Are you hosting family or friends this holiday season? Once your decor and food is planned and ready to execute, it’s time to make your holiday party playlist. Whether you use Spotify, Apple Music, Sonos, Google Music or another favorite streaming service, you can add your favorites to a playlist that is easy to play and easy to share with guests. No time to curate your own list? Nathan Turner has come to the rescue with his favorite holiday tunes in this Spotify playlist.

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February 12, 2024

Pressed Flower Workshop

Our Pressed Flower Workshop is a unique, limited-time event that invites guests to create your very own piece of botanical art with local wildflowers. For $80, guests can pick either March 30th or April 6th to spend an afternoon (from 1 to 3 pm) turning beautiful wildflowers into a framed piece of art. Make sure to grab your spot and RSVP by March 22nd.

February 10, 2024

Valentine’s Day Breakfast Recipe: Alisal Style French Toast

Savor the romance of Alisal Ranch this Valentine’s Day with our French toast recipe. Infused with the heart of Alisal, this dish combines sweet, savory, and a hint of bourbon. Elevate your morning and bring a piece of ranch romance to your table.

January 30, 2024

Campfire Cooking: Alisal Approved S’mores Recipes

Experience the essence of Alisal Ranch with our special approved campfire s’mores recipes, perfect for cozy nights under the stars. From smoky to fresh twists, these treats bring a touch of ranch charm to your fireside gatherings.

table with desserts for Nathan Turner's holiday workshop

Holiday Recipes

Looking for recipes to make for your holiday gathering? Nathan Turner has provided us with appetizers and sweet treats featured at his Alisal Ranch “California Country Holiday Workshop”.

More photos from Nathan Turner’s California Country Holiday Workshop:

person holding plate full of holiday food from Nathan Turner
table full of meringue from Nathan Turner
grand piano with champagne glasses and wine bottoms on top
table setting by Nathan Turner
table with desserts for Nathan Turner's holiday workshop
Nathan Turner setting up table for Holiday Workshop
holiday dining area for Nathan Turners Holiday Workshop
holiday buffet table cooked by Chef Anthony

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